The unhelpful clairvoyant


Butterscotch is a former admiral in the imperial navy, and a very high ranking lord in the empire. He won the emperor’s favour during past conflicts while he served as the commander of the entire fleet.

Butterscotch was the man who originally gathered the group together as a party. He sent out invitations to his estate to each member of the party (he also claims to have sent letters to others that did not arrive, but he does not know their fate (heh)).

Upon your arrival he explained the nature of his abilities. Butterscotch can see the destiny of people around him. As easy as one sees the colour of a person’s hair, he can see their fate. The only exception, are the people in your group. He also claims that the mere presence of your group, having gathered together a number of fateless individuals, is having an effect on his viewings. He says that the tiniest action you take now, after having come together, has such a massive effect on his viewings that he is having trouble predicting fate on a massive scale (such as he did before meeting you).

He claims he has always had these abilities, and the true nature or cause of them is currently unknown.


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